Stuff outside of work

I think it was called work-life balance?

I’m a foodie culinary adventurer

I have an obsession with spicy food. I’m in a love-hate relationship with exotic potato chip flavors, and I make it a point to have ramen in every major city I visit. Here are some of my favourite ramen shops:

Yoshimuraya, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Sansotei, Toronto, ON Canada
Yokato Yokabai, Montreal, QC Canada
Strings, Chicago, IL USA

I widthstand sunlight

When not nocturnal, I really enjoy playing competetive sports like soccer. I’m also into hiking, snowboarding and outdoor heights in general. Occasionally, I take pretty pictures. Below is an example from the top of Mt. Tsubakuro in Nagano, Japan:

I’m totally l33t

Video games, card games, board games, word games – I love all the games! In true nerd fashion, I also enjoy D&D, anime, and stupid, impossible hand puzzles.